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UK Financial Landscape

The UK’s financial landscape is changing, and nowhere has it seen more reform than in personal finance and pensions. Yet as market uncertainty continues, so does demand for services.

Mandatory workplace pensions have accelerated enquiries for accessible pension packages, and will continue to do so long after the auto-enrolment deadline. It’s anticipated that 15 million people could be saving into private sector workplace schemes by 2030, doubling demand in the next 13 years and saving £100BN.

This redirection of consumer finance is just one example of the huge changes (others include blockchain, crowdfunding) and rising challenges (including dissolution of the workforce, data use, legacy systems and security) in finance that are going to change the sector irrevocably.

Meanwhile, the dust from Brexit looks unlikely to settle any time soon; it’s expected that 25 new bills will need to be announced in every Queen’s speech for a decade in order to plug legislative gaps left by the UK’s exit from the EU. A major beneficiary of this fervent political activity will be the finance sector, protecting the City and enabling continued growth is a key priority.

A key concern and challenge is to ensure a passporting solution is found to enable transactional business to happen without layers of regulation and authorisation. This will stop the financial institutions departing these shores for bases in Frankfurt, Paris or Zurich.

Who's reinventing financial control...

A flexible investment portal for the masses ready to capture digital natives.

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The one-of-a-kind employee portal by Equiniti that's a digital step ahead of the competition

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The online mortgage adviser, built with data on thousands of mortgage products

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It's all about the experience

It’s not just political and economic changes that are shaking up the industry. Digital innovations are already disrupting traditional financial services, with customer demand for a better user experience and simple interactive solutions driving change across all service sectors. Providers who fail to deliver face being left behind.

You can look at the old saying, ‘may you live in interesting times’, in one of two ways: as a curse, or a blessing. Market agitation presents opportunity, but financial providers need to be ready to grasp it: and competition is fierce.

Who's challenging convention...

Digital innovator Tandem Bank has partnered with House of Fraser to offer an exclusive bank tool to the store's customers

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Hey Guevara offers peer-to-peer car insurance, allowing users to pool premiums online to save money and collaborate with like-minded people

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Cuvva bring on demand, pay-as-you-go car insurance to infrequent drivers via a simple mobile app that customises your insurance

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Your customers, our solutions

It’s no surprise that people are increasingly choosing mobile financial services; it’s quicker, more convenient and accessible. If your offering doesn’t tick all of those boxes – instead of complicated forms, confusing navigation or an unreliable interface – potential customers will quickly go elsewhere.

At Panlogic we help our clients to formulate solutions tailored to their target market, using a comprehensive visual and collaborative development process. From research and planning through to delivery, we offer solutions at every step of the journey.


Innovations made to make finance easier are springing up left, right and centre.

Here are our Top 5 FinTech solutions for the man on the street...

Simple point of sale systems

The new social banking. Fidor rewards Facebook integration with better rates

A unique hub for property lending and investing

Manage your finance more accurately with easy access to your credit score

The best of the peer to peer loan companies

How can you evolve?

Our process

We specialise in interactive web development, offering bespoke solutions through consultancy, creative and technical development.
Our fully managed services give additional support once your site is online.

Client verdict

Here's what Panlogic clients have to say about our service...

Panlogic has been invaluable in offering consultative advice, design and technical expertise in the development of a warm and inviting ‘home’ for the Tesco Personal Finance corporate website. Their design ideas, skills and strong knowledge of the financial services sector were particularly refreshing and the campaign is already being very well-received and proving to be a great success.

Marketing Manager, Online at Tesco Personal Finance

We've been working with Panlogic for over five years and they have been great. They really understand our requirements and always deliver to our budget and timelines. For our last major programme of work, we required the website to represent a totally new brand and brand positioning. We appreciated their detailed approach to planning and executing the project, plus all the support we were given along the way – and the website looks fab.

Website Manager, PiP Funds

The Digital Engineering approach developed by Panlogic provided a fresh approach to the overall re-development of our web site. Panlogic clearly defined our requirements, developed a brief that was extremely detailed and identified a budget requirement that was 30% less than our initial estimate. Since the re-designed site went into production we have seen more than a four-fold increase in the number of unique visitors, taking the figure from an average of 17,000 per month to more than 70,000.

Finance Director at FRC

Together we can shape the future of digital wealth