Removing social inequality through adult education

Providing unified and consistent teaching resources to disadvantaged and hard-to-reach communities is key to the success of national charity, WEA. Bringing together disparate websites to present a unified, national organisation was key to improving internal and external communications

Over 5+ years Panlogic has taken WEA from a disparate set of disconnected regional sites to a unified website, a full rebrand and design refresh and ongoing maintenance and development to meet evolving needs. The Drupal 8 instance sits on a Windows server providing a case study for Drupal.com of best practice hosting outside the LAMP suite.

WEA’s rebranded and redeveloped web environment has provided an improved and coherent journey for existing and new service-users whilst simplifying internal editing and removing previous work arounds for internal staff. The addition of mapping technology to help students find local centres has been a significant bonus.

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