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Web Build

We’ve built websites for some of the biggest private sector companies, a number of international governmental organisations, vast swathes of the UK public sector as well as many charities and start-ups.

Featured projects


Rebuild of the Bishopsland website and managed services

Bishopsland the educational trust sought a website rebuild, focusing on ease of use and design whilst keeping to budget and meeting the time scale.

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London Councils

Providing secure community and learning spaces for all thirty-two London councils

Our challenge was to develop a community web space that provides easy access to shared information in order to improve cross council knowledge and improve services for Londoners.

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Mazda ‘We Are Triathlon’

Developing an integrated digital solution from site build to social media mobilisation

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Nuffield Foundation

Nuffield Research Placements Online System (NRP)

Panlogic designed, built and continue to support an online system for registration and management of STEM students for Nuffield's UK wide placement program.

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RNIB – Bookmarking and bulk print functionality to support RNIB’s PIP content

Panlogic deliver bookmark organisation and bulk print functionality to the RNIB website through a custom-built Drupal module.

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RNIB – Development of faceted, cross-site search functionality

Integrating Solr-powered search functionality with an online Shop and FAQ website. Bringing products and advice into search results.

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RNIB – Redevelopment across the RNIB website

Panlogic took on an existing Drupal 7 solution to provide several major development workstreams as well as support and maintenance.

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The Royal United Services Institute

Royal United Services Institute

Panlogic built RUSI a world class website to match the prestige of the organisation as a global defence think tank.

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Think pieces

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