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We work alongside you as an independent advisor helping you to select a best fit web agency. We work with you from the development of the brief through long and short listing to identify a long-term development partner. Then we remain on hand to provide all the necessary programme management support you need to deliver the brief.


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Featured projects


Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) – Point of Single Contact (PSC)

The Point of Single Contact was an EU directive that required the procurement of a single source of supply. Panlogic’s consultancy led to the procurement of Business Link.

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National Apprenticeships Service (NAS)

National Apprenticeships Service (NAS)

We've put in place a 'high availability' solution for NAS across different physical locations to limit the possibility of a single server falling over. We also have a tested Disaster Recovery solution across multiple locations to ensure 100% up-time in the event of an unforeseen event.

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Think pieces

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  • Strategy

    The main thing we do here is make the complex simple. We take your list of business objectives, stakeholder opinions, customer demands and distil them into a clear, concise roadmap.
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  • Defining requirements

    Defining and prioritising requirements is all about listening – that’s why our consultants and engineers all have two ears but only one mouth.
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  • Systems & specification design

    System and specification design is about making the complex simple. Our iterative and visual prototyping approach supports the rigour of our documentation. After all 'a picture tells a thousand words'.
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  • Content

    We audit existing content and then amend or develop consistent content against a strategic plan. Our content consultants have worked across a wide range of industries and audiences and can either support internal teams or take on the entire task.
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