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The Worshipful Company of Weavers

The Worshipful Company of Weavers: Technical assessment and recommendations; Drupal 7 technical architecture; Drupal module advice and guidance; Review membership database requirements; Membership migration considerations; Forms and forms processing; Roles, groups and permissions.


The Worshipful Company of Weavers, the oldest City livery company dating back to 1130, needed to redevelop its website to take advantage of content management technology, to move away from bespoke/customer development and to create a unified and seamless login experience for its members.

Panlogic’s background and experience was ideally suited to assist The Weavers with their strategic decision-making. We were selected as the technical architects, to review the current site, make an informed assessment, and to make recommendations.

The output of our consultancy work was to be formalised in a report for sharing with internal and external stakeholders.


  • Review the existing members’ database schema: look at data formats, potentially redundant fields, integration aspects, requirements for additional fields, implementation approach.
  • Membership migration considerations: Guidance over using the Drupal migration module (what can be migrated and how; what cannot be readily migrated and how to handle this.)
  • Overall dataflow / data lifecycle: illustrate the flow of data from someone joining as a member and through the various stages until their record becomes historic. Requirements around the specification of the user profile.
  • Forms and forms processing: forms are used for grant funding applications. Look at maximising form efficiency and minimising the need for manual processes and interventions. Consider potential improvements in areas such as validation, field display sizes, print behaviour and formatting, guidance for users.
  • Roles, groups and permissions: Weavers wanted to move to a management system whereby access to member content is controlled through assignment of roles, group memberships and permissions. Review and consolidate roles, design a group-roles scenario that supports Weavers’ aims.
  • Drupal capability and extension through community modules: consider the overall requirements of the site and based on past experience recommend a set of modules to deliver the functionality Weavers require.

What we did

  • Built a detailed understanding of the existing service
  • Conducted a detailed and thorough review of the existing site with special attention given to the membership database.
  • Analysed findings and synthesised solutions
  • Recommended a technology approach for the solution
  • Technical architecture diagram
  • Developed a detailed findings report that captured findings and gave granular insight into proposed solutions – effectively a “starter for ten” for the build agency


  • Set the direction for the website redevelopment.
  • Minimise risk by careful consideration of solutions and making use of past/wider experiences.
  • Avoiding experimentation and research phases by cutting to the chase quickly.
  • Giving confidence that a move to using Open Source technologies – with essentially free licence models – is both recommended and achievable.
  • Robust technical recommendation which will be used for the basis of the new Weavers website.
  • High quality, clear and concise documentary output.
  • Pragmatic and useful recommendations.

Client Comment

“Panlogic was selected as our the technical architects to review our current site, make an informed CMS assessment and to define the site and database structure. The need for single single-on across new and legacy systems and provide varying permission rights to documents were specific areas where support was needed. Panlogic’s expertise in these areas and overall knowledge of web system design made them an ideal partner; both immediately responsive to our needs and providing initiative to new challenges as they emerged. We would be pleased to recommend them as a technology partner.”

The Clerk, The Worshipful Company of Weavers

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