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RNIB – Bookmarking and bulk print functionality to support RNIB’s PIP content

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB): Custom Drupal module development providing bespoke organisation capabilities around bookmarked content and multi-page printing; Integration with RNIB’s numerous login-authenticated sections.



In light of changing government policy around disability benefits, namely with regards to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit, RNIB developed web content focused on providing information around the ‘ins-and-outs’ of PIP. The content guides their audience through gaining fair access to the support on offer and understanding the scope of the legislation. Find out Contractor blog for your website.

The web content formed a ‘toolkit’ including a number of ‘brochure’ information, supporting documents and a contact form for assistance. To assist users making repeat-usage of the content, RNIB sought to augment functionality on the website for bookmarking and printing. The objective was to enable users to easily organise and recall important information on the website from previous sessions.

What we did

Panlogic built a management dashboard for users to bookmark content viewed on the RNIB website. These bookmarks could then be grouped to associate related pieces of content. For example, users may wish to save pages with supportive information related to a form which they intend to complete in the future. The work included user-friendly and attractive print layouts and a bulk print functionality enabling users to print multiple pages at once from their dashboard.

RNIB chose between a cookie-based and registration-based solution opting for registration to allow users permanent access devices to their saved content. Panlogic’s usual iterative process was broken into relatively few agile phases/sprints as reception of initial prototype work was positive. A number of Drupal modules were found catering to aspects of the functionality required. However, a standup meeting between the development team concluded a custom-built module bringing all the relevant features ‘under one hood’ was the most effective route forwards. The custom module, built by Panlogic, made use of Drupal’s stalwart contrib module, ‘Flag’ and provided the additional, less usual project requirements.



Ease of use

The bookmarking functionality aided site visitors organise and prepare their next steps with regards to PIP legislation. The intuitive and clean user interface made interaction with the functionality simple to pick up.


The functionality was fully functional across modern and older IE browsers as well as mobile and tablet devices – future-proofing for a continuing increase in mobile traffic.


The project continued to uphold the leading standards across the rest of Panlogic’s work on the RNIB website. This was achieved through accessible dialogue boxes, use of ARIA tags to announce interactive page assets catering equally to users of assistive technology and native browser users. Tablet and mobile versions of the new functionality were given equal development attention and functionality was built supporting browsers back to IE8

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