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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Digital landscape and content strategies for multinational body through stakeholder consultancy

Digital Strategy, Systems and specification design (inc. prototyping), Requirements, Change management , Content, Creative strategy, Information Architecture (IA), Content audit and strategy


Organisational complexity, business change, technical obsolescence and transparency requirements fuelled a need for the OECD to look at the presentation of their organisation and product offering within the web channel.

What we did

  • Panlogic identified a need to review the scope of the requirement, the brand proposition to a varied audience group and the internal stakeholder and organisational structure. Our digital strategists ran a series of audits, workshops and depth interviews using our structured tools and approaches to match proposed organisational change to digital delivery.
  • Stakeholder workshops and depth interviews provided the knowledge and insight to provide an organizational digital strategy which out data access and content at the core of delivery. By mapping and then prioritising content hierarchies we were able to define a scalable and future proffer digital strategy. Recommendations to reduce the levels of diversified publishing were a natural consequence.
  • Our content strategists reviewed the entire library of content across the OECD website along with a review of the content authoring workflow before developing structured content matrices. This identified a number of strategic enhancements including a reduction in the amount of digital content, a reduction in staff with content development and authoring rights, an improved content approval workflow, an improved taxonomy and a protocol to be followed organisation-wide to deliver content consistency.


  • Outputs were varied, but included organisational analysis and mapping, prioritized persona and associated use cases, content analysis and delivery roadmap
  • Value to the OECD is delivered through a decrease in content workflows, re-engineered revenue streams and improved brand recognition. Consistency of brand messages and data ontology also improve brand equity.
  • Reducing the amount of web content and improving the taxonomy will, when the new CMS is delivered, deliver significant improvements in site search and navigation. The reduction in content authoring rights and improvement on workflow will deliver a significant reduction in rework. Finally the delivery of brand consistency across the web estate delivers an improved user understanding of the OECD.

Client comment

“Panlogic understood our business needs, were most helpful, always delivered on time. Looking forward to working with them again as soon as possible.” Senior Internet Editor, OECD

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