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NCPC – Dying Matters

National Council for Palliative Care

Developing the key communication channel for a behaviour change campaign to mobilise an online audience to participate and get involved

Digital Strategy, Systems and specification design (inc. prototyping), Requirements, Creative proposition, Information Architecture (IA), Creative concepts and design, Build, Hosting, Support & Maintenance and ongoing development


Talking about death is weird isn’t it? Well it was the task of Dying Matters to change this perception and get Britons talking more about dying, death and bereavement.

Led by the National Council for Palliative Care, the Dying Matters coalition seeks to recruit members and promote public awareness throughout the nation. Panlogic was commissioned to develop the digital strategy and website to support the campaign.

Our challenge was to develop a website that helps change attitudes towards dying death and bereavement by building the Dying Matters coalition.

What we did

  • Clearly outline the benefits to membership
  • The coalition is its members. Clearly explaining why people should join was naturally a priority. The website itself was also a tool for members, showcasing them and allowing them to upload and share their events.
  • Show how talking about death can be normal
  • Britain has a death-denying culture. Our approach was to get people talking more by showing that talking about these things doesn’t have to be weird and by giving practical tips on how to bring up the matter with loved ones.
  • Provide tools to talk
  • As well as telling people they should talk more about death, we helped them do it. Through the ‘Share your story’ feature, people could share their personal experiences. Sometimes all it takes is hearing someone else’s story.
  • Procured, installed and configured a virtualised hosting solution on a shared server
  • Put in place a monthly project management, front-end development and back-end development Support & Maintenance (S&M) contract
  • Agreed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) around these hosting and S&M services.


Driven by an accompanying communications campaign, 6,500 thousand visitors came to the site within the first month after launch, signing up an additional 300 members who shared 48 country-wide events.

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