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National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF)

Strategic consultancy, stakeholder workshops, design and build of an enterprise level website including integration with legacy in-house systems

Digital Strategy, Systems and specification design (inc. prototyping), Requirements, Creative proposition, Information Architecture (IA), Creative concepts and design, Build, Hosting, Support & Maintenance and ongoing development


The NAPF is the industry association for workplace pension provision. With the upcoming pension and legislative changes due in 2012 the NAPF has an increasing voice both in industry and government. The redevelopment of the NAPF website was key to this repositioning.

NAPF members use the website to manage their membership and book events/courses. Integration with the NAPF CRM system (Integra) was key to a successful re-development.

What we did

Starting with stakeholder workshops we developed a collaborative approach to the creation of the functional specification, information architecture and creative. A key requirement was Integration with the legacy CRM which required the development of a working prototype to ensure a clean handshake between this legacy system and any new development.

The Sitecore CMS was chosen based on its flexibility, functionality set, rigorous attention to accessibility and development path/scalability.


Digital engagement has become central to the NAPF. Giving members the ability to self-serve along with the provision of an agile digital communication platform has both reduced organisational complexity and improved value to members.

Client Comment

“We showed the design at our weekly staff meeting this morning and the comments have been really positive. So once again, thank you and WELL DONE!” Head of Marketing, NAPF

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