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Mazda ‘We Are Triathlon’

Developing an integrated digital solution from site build to social media mobilisation

Digital Strategy, Systems and specification design (inc. prototyping), Requirements, Content, Creative strategy, Information, Architecture (IA), Website design, Website build, Hosting, Support & Maintenance and ongoing development


Mazda took the strategic decision to sponsor triathlon in the UK to develop their proposition around the strap line ‘ZoomZoom’. Mazda’s media agency, Mindshare, had seen the opportunity to bring together the experiential nature of the sport with online community and participation. Panlogic was brought in to develop the online proposition and build the technical solution.

Our challenge was to develop a community web space that encouraged triathletes of all levels to share their stories, learn from each other and recognise Mazda as supportive of the sport.

What we did

  • Developed a brand: the community web presence needed an overarching brand. ‘We Are Triathlon’ (developed by Panlogic) is both inclusive to triathletes as well as to Mazda. Mazda was also in the throes of a corporate re-brand and ‘We Are Triathlon’ was the launch expression of Mazda’s refreshed look and feel.
  • Showed a live community: the community is its members and its breath is encouragement to others. We developed elements of social proof to show the site was being used and the community was active. Elements included a Facebook application, YouTube channel, live chat with the UK’s leading triathletes. We also developed a communications strategy around email and tools and calculators to support amateur training.
  • Kept the site live and active: providing the tools is not enough. We provided content support through a community manager who was both a trained journalist and a participating triathlete. Community management included inviting and welcoming new members, forum management, topic identification and appropriate moderation.
  • Provided an appropriate technical solution: the solution is built in Drupal – an open source platform that kept costs to a minimum whilst allowing both Mazda and Mindshare to further develop the site through the addition of over a thousand Drupal plug-ins.


The ‘We Are Triathlon’ site provided the online destination for Mazda’s sponsorship of European triathlon. In numerical terms it delivered in excess of one thousand triathlete members and nearly 30,000 unique visitors from the sports’ enthusiasts. The online chat with UK Olympiad Tim Don provided a showcase event for Mazda attended by many hundred would-be Olympians.

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