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Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust (EST)

Expertise in planning and delivering a creative social media programme to drive brand engagement by creating an active online community

Digital Strategy, Systems and specification design (inc. prototyping), Requirements, Content, Creative strategy, Information Architecture, (IA), Website design, Website build, Hosting, Support & Maintenance and ongoing development


The Energy Saving Trust encourages individuals to think about and change their energy consumption. There’s a fine line to tread between a conversational, engaging tone and one perhaps more suitable for a government organisation.

Additionally the UK public is not short of environmental messages be they from local/central Government, environmental charities or other advisory bodies. In order to be heard, it’s essential that the Energy Saving Trust has a clear and differentiated proposition.

Our challenge was to develop a community web space that allows the public to learn from others, feel part of a community that is changing its energy consumption habits, provide a forum for ideas and tips

What we did

  • Developed a brand: the community web-space needed a different tone to the corporate website. We developed the Britain Unplugged brand from scratch including its name, logo, proposition, tone of voice and palette.
  • Showed a live community: the community is its members and its breath is encouragement to others. We developed elements of social proof to show the site was being used and the community was active. Elements included a map of participation, YouTube channel, Flickr page and each was given space within the site. Numbers participating and involved with Britain Unplugged were also shown
  • Kept the site live and active: providing the tools is not enough. We provided content support through a community manager as well as developing a style guide to allow a new internal editor to take over the site from month to month. Additionally we developed periodic challenges to gain user participation and input.
  • Developed an appropriate technical solution: the solution is built in WordPress – an open source platform that allowed the Energy Saving Trust to blog with ease and further develop the solution as they wish.


Value of the site was measured across the three axes, engagement/reach/influence each of which had specific measures. Additionally the site achieved over 500 registered members, 20,000 unique visitors and 400 commits to greener living. Due to the success of the Britain Unplugged site the content was rolled into the re-developed corporate site for the Energy Saving Trust during late 2009.

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