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Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Defining a future digital strategy, developing strategic recommendations and a prototype through stakeholder engagement for a web-based self-help solution in adult social care

Digital Strategy, Systems and specification design (inc. prototyping), Requirements, Creative strategy, Information Architecture (IA), Content audit and strategy, Creative concepts and design, Build, Hosting, Support & Maintenance and ongoing development


Organisational change, resulting from a strategic review of the commissioning and regulation of the UK’s provision of adult and social care, required a new approach to the collection, storage and visualisation of performance data.

What we did

  • Following an audit of current and planned data collection and reporting, our consultants ran a series of internal and external workshops to both engage with stakeholders as well as synthesise learnings. A detailed review of outputs led to a detailed scoping and definition exercise using techniques such as card sorting, user journey testing and pathway planning.
  • Having developed the agreed digital strategy our Informational Engineers developed a prototype product in Axure. This approach provided a shortcut to the standard approach of wireframes and additionally provided a visual representation of integration points with legacy technologies.


  • The detailed scoping and definition exercise led to the further development of a visual, flexible and annotated prototype of the proposed tool and the integration of output data with legacy systems. The detailed technical specifications and the working prototype provided the CQC with the definition required to procure the technical solution within a shortened timeline and to avoid costly over-runs.
  • The development of an Axure prototype provided a visual and iterative view of the proposed solution. Not only did this cut down the planning and scoping stage but also ensured that future build change-requests were kept to a minimum. Finally the Axure prototype provided a platform for CQC to re-use in subsequent enhancement rounds.

Client comment

“Panlogic have delivered to us a fully comprehensive and strategically sound consultancy report for the future CQC extranet. Clear outcomes have been drawn from the stakeholder interviews and the proposed site-map and wireframes have provided us with a robust evidence-based foundation from which we can go forward on delivering our corporate strategy. We were delighted with the professionalism and rigour with which Panlogic approached and delivered on our brief.” Digital Projects lead

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