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Bromley College

Bromley College: Discovery; user workshops, information architecture mapping, low fidelity wireframing, requirements specification, technical analysis.


Bromley College offers a range of educational opportunities starting from 14 years of age. The college identified a number of strategic developments and mergers across their extensive portfolio which required a review of their web offering. This would be especially important in relation to their wide and diverse range of stakeholders including students, funding bodies, staff, local employers, partners, local authorities and unions.


Panlogic’s tried and tested Digital Engineering approach was a perfect fit for what Bromley College needed to achieve – to gain a clear understanding of requirements, to articulate and specify them so as to have a solid basis for the planning of a complex and comprehensive web build project.

Overall the website review requirements were:

  • Assessment of the consolidation of a varied web estate into a scalable, future proofed, accessible, best of breed web presence
  • Technical review of the possibility for utilising single sign on across the 3rd party products used in conjunction with the website
  • Review of user journeys on the site and the sitemap
  • Capture of commercial opportunities available which could fall within the scope of the new website

What we did

To gather requirements for the new website we:

  • Conducted a review of the existing web estate and technical infrastructure
  • Analysed extant documentation / web estate literature
  • Held key stakeholder workshops (internal/external)
  • Interviewed relevant stakeholders
  • Distilled our findings into a functional requirements specification, non-functional requirements specification
  • Produced 2 iterations of a high level information architecture

This requirements gathering work provided outputs which formed the basis for accurate estimates on the web build. The section below details why this provides a massive contribution to the success of a build project.


Panlogic’s work created value for Bromley College by:

  • Fostering organizational buy-in: Capturing stakeholder needs and engaging with all parties allowed everyone to feel included and voice their opinions.
  • Reducing build costs with documentation articulating clear and accurate requirements: our work provided a clear basis for developers to quote on building the website. This helps to prevent costly change requests in a big way
  • Planning ahead – looking at a holistic picture of the current setup reduces future risk as all variables must be considered
  • Creating a tangible structure for the new website – our sitemap provided a starting point for further research and internal discussion around what’s included. Sharing this allowed stakeholders to raise any concerns early on and improve subsequent iterations

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