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Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) – Electronic Licence Management System (ELMS)

Strategic consultancy, QA, Stakeholder engagement, IA, design and build for an electronic licensing application and management platform to a tight timescale, followed by monthly Support & Maintenance contract

Digital Strategy, Systems and specification design (inc. prototyping), Requirements, Creative proposition, Information Architecture (IA), Creative concepts and design, Build, Hosting, Support & Maintenance and ongoing development


Through Serco, the Department for Business, Information and Skills (BIS) commissioned Panlogic to develop an internally facing management information portal. The Electronic Licence Management System (ELMS) service was commissioned by BIS and Business Link in response to EU legislation as set out in the Services Directive which mandated the provision of a national Point of Single Contact (PSC). The PSC aids the set-up of service businesses within EU member states.

Panlogic was commissioned to build the ELMS portal for Local & Competent Authorities so that these organisations were better informed of the impact of the PSC and to provide them with up-to-date PSC information and its impact on UK businesses. The overall requirement was to build a simple, easy to update/understand entry point quickly to provide relevant information in the run up to the PSC launch.

What we did

The success of the project within the exceptionally tight timescales was achieved by having a detailed website planning phase. By developing full information architecture for the templates and functionality prior to build, the technical team were able to swiftly roll-out the site within the required schedule. The project was briefed in August with delivered by September.

Clear and crisp design with strong calls to action resulted in a site that delivered against each requirement, especially increased self-serve/self-diagnosis.

Strong communication between the client and Panlogic teams allowed a smooth process to deliver the solution with the minimum of fuss.

We continue to provide a robust annual Support and Maintenance (S&M) contract around the solution.

We built on the Symfony PHP platform for proven versatility and stability reasons.

Some of the additional benefits of the system are:

  • A simple to use, easy updateable content management system
  • Clear calls to action for the authorities

For Phase 2 we recommended using best practice behavioural economics techniques to improve completion rates amongst the Local & Competent Authorities. Behavioural economics (Nudge, Mindspace etc.) are leading government thinking on achieving behavioural change. Whilst there has been much talk of work in this space, Panlogic’s work for BIS led the way in Government to Government communication. We took the elements of ‘choice architecture’, ‘chunking’ and ‘framing’ and loss aversion and user feedback and incorporated these into the site. Specifically, we provided the following:

  • Framing: a clear statement upfront on the site’s purpose and the legal obligations
  • Chunking: splitting the large task into smaller sections. A key insight was the need to provide Get Started, Continue and Complete entry points.
  • Loss Aversion: we provided visualisation of uptake highlighting the goal of total compliance.
  • Feedback: providing feedback that is straightforward and inviting. Home page Help sections and a dedicated tab ‘ELMS solution centre’ provide visible feedback areas. A new FAQ section allowed users to rank helpfulness of questions through a like/dislike button ensuring popular and helpful answers were easy to find.

Client Comment

 “I have had a couple of Directors come over to say ‘well done’ and compliment both the style and content of the ELMS Portal and we (the PSC team) just wanted to pass this thanks onto you and the team for all the work you have done. The website is already making a big difference to our communications with Authorities…On a personal note, given the tight timescales and the inevitable scope creep this could have turned into a nightmare project for me to manage but you and the team have been great to work with.” PSC Support and Maintenance Business Analyst, Department for Business Innovation and Skills

“Just a note to say that I am sure you will be pleased to hear that we are getting very positive feedback on the look and feel of the ELMS site, both externally and up the command chain internally.” Head of PSC Delivery – EU Services Directive Implementation Team, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

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