Operational Guidance Documentation Management (OGDM)


The digital transformation of organisations continues at pace and in general, for the better.

However, the speed at which digital has taken hold has invariably had some unintended consequences, none more so than the creation of vast, unwieldy and unstructured document libraries 1

This is not necessarily a big problem in itself, but where information held relates to operational guidance and any resulting non-compliance has potentially damaging consequences. The need for a robust, auditable, document management system is mission critical.

Panlogic has developed a proven OGDM framework 2 to enable compliant, decision-making scenario, document retrieval both simple and effective 3 whether being used in the field or for training purposes


Case study

The National Operational Guidance Programme (NOGP) is responsible for delivering consistent and up-to-date operational guidance for all UK Fire and Rescue Services. We were tasked with delivering a solution to support the transition from paper based guidance to a streamlined online presence at www.ukfrs.com delivering not only fully accessible guidance, but also saving the taxpayer an estimated £1.1m to £1.25m every five years in printing costs alone. This animated video gives further explanation.

The challenge

  • Guidance previously existed across a disparate set of online PDFs and offline documents and manuals estimated to be in excess of 8,000 items.
  • Duplication was common and, in places, contradictory as guidance was updated and republished over time
  • Not only were the documents difficult to penetrate, but searching for specific guidance was virtually impossible.

The solution

NOGP envisaged a website where all guidance was centrally stored and updated (Phase 1) with extranet access to the content store to allow regional Fire and Rescue Services to adapt content and branding to their specific situation (Phase 2). The Phase 1 updated website ( www.ukfrs.com ) simplifies how Fire and Rescue Services can find, access across devices and act on the latest operational guidance whilst maintaining a full audit of how guidance has changed from now into the future

The impact

The service provides significant cost saving benefits to the taxpayer and, as an open and online-only provision, best-practice guidance to the UK Fire and Rescue Services to improve firefighter and public safety and is accessible to all other Fire and Rescue Services around the world.

The www.ukfrs.com site offers a number of major advantages over the previous paper-based system

  • A significantly improved user experience leading to an increased appetite for/uptake of the guidance
  • Reduction in time spent discovering and consuming information to allow training/learning time to be spent more effectively
  • Interactive features allowing staff to keep more easily up-to-date with content updates
  • Fully-auditable document trails to see full version history of any component
  • A much-improved visualisation of any data changes
  • Improved collaboration around development of policy, procedure, training and the cohesion of working practices
  • Enhanced content management capacity by providing Administrator screens reporting on inconsistencies/gaps and relationships within and between the data

The challenge

www.ukfrs.com will continue to develop. Phase 2 (bringing regional FRS localisation) will launch during Spring 2018. Phase 3 will allow firefighters to have instant, offline and easy access to the guidance and scenario content on handheld devices when away from their stations. Other ongoing enhancements include

  • Workflow: sign-off & commenting functionality facilitating
  • Custom fields: enhancement of content with local specificities
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Product packs: operational notes for local content relating to local equipment, policy and procedure
  • Archive of historic materials accessible via filter/search
  • Event calendars and diaries


The release of our updated guidance platform represents a real evolution in guidance production and distribution to the UK fire and rescue services. Gone are the days of paper-based documents gathering dust on shelves and going out of date; we are now able to produce, update and share our national guidance using a modern, accessible online format that ensures all services will be kept up to date with the latest information, without duplication, and accessible from anywhere at any time. Maintaining a consistent set of guidance across fifty fire and rescue services in paper format was a costly challenge and moving online will both provide an enhanced service and reduced cost.


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