Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Improving the image of UK financial services

The FCA is tasked with ensuring best practice across 60,000 financial firms. In support of its commitment to transparency the FCA needed to understand the digital communication preferences of its users to build awareness of, and confidence in, the FCA within the UK and internationally.

Running multi-stream research we interviewed and talked to the FCA’s ‘Consumer’ and ‘Firm’ audiences. We ran workshops, one-one interviews, undertook expert evaluation, benchmarking and peer-review exercises and an online questionnaire. These were synthesised into an intereactive to-be prototype and a board report highlighting quick-wins, medium-term outputs and strategic initiatives.

The Financial Conduct Authority gained an in-depth understanding of internal and external views of their digital channels and how they could improve their impact. The FCA were able to use our interactive prototype to engage internal stakeholders in the recommendations to inform their longer-term digital strategy.

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