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Panlogic, the digital marketing consultancy, has published an authoritative report into the opportunities available to UK companies and brands wishing to reach the Chinese consumer through digital channels.

The report is split into eights chapters looking at the opportunity afforded by the audience of 100million, 90% of which are under 40 years old.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background to China
  3. Why online and why now?
  4. SWOT analysis
  5. Advertising market online
  6. The online market in detail
  7. e-commerece
  8. Legal issues
  9. Setting up in China
  10. About the report
Click here to dowload the report for free Click here to dowload the report for free

Rather than give businesses a list of mind-boggling figures, the report hones in on the main opportunities provided by the Chinese market by first researching it and then showing where the major opportunities lie across all business sectors.

It is written by Sean Hargrave, the former editor of The Sunday Times' Innovation section, who is now a regular freelance writer for the Media Guardian and New Media Age, among other titles. Having reported on the dot com boom in '90s at The Sunday Times he and Panlogic founder, William Makower agreed that China offers an opportunity to new media companies on an unprecedented scale.

Makower set up digital agency Panlogic six years ago. Clients include The BBC, Tesco Personal Finance, ITV, Vodafone and the British Council. He studied Mandarin at University and has long been convinced that China will be the globe's most powerful online player before the decade is out. The report shows why, as well as revealing how companies can take advantage of this huge, emerging online market.

Click here to read the Executive Summary or here to Download the report for free.

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