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About us

Digital engineering – it’s in our DNA. We’ve been around the block as both strategists and practitioners, so we know the territory (and in some cases wrote the map). We take a partnership approach with clients to help you get maximum ‘bang for buck’. It takes constant learning, analysis and thinking, but that’s what keeps things interesting.

Watch our CEO, William Makower, talk about our approach to digital transformation.

  • William Makower

    William Makower

    Managing Director

    (The professional bit): William leads and directs the business​ and is responsible for its growth and development. As a digital evangelist he works with clients encouraging ​them to improve the efficiency of their organisations by embracing the latest technical approaches.

    (The personal bit) A few of William's favourite things: A few of William's favourite things:​ Family, gardening, vin chaud in mountain restaurants, cycling​ (and avoiding potholes)​, coffee(with anyone), cricket at Lords, English summers.

  • John Foster-Hill

    John Foster-Hill


    (The professional bit): John is responsible for delivery (and hence keeping everyone happy!) both internally and externally.

    (The personal bit): A few of John's favourite things: Being in love, freedom, the leg glance, laughter lines, deserts, getting to the bottom of a bottle of Merlot with old friends and the over-turning of cant, jobs-worths and petty tin-pot dictators.

  • Jonathan Taylor

    Jonathan Taylor

    Client Strategy Director

    (The professional bit): Jonathan is responsible for Client Services at Panlogic. Working closely with our clients to build-out and deliver against strategic digital roadmaps. Jonathan’s wider experience in integrating data/demographics/and mapping into our solutions provide Panlogic with a unique angle to Digital Engineering.
    (the personal bit): Jonathan is a keen cyclist, dedicated brio builder (with his toddler!) and home brewer (with mixed results) where time allows!

  • Will Danckwerts

    Will Danckwerts

    Project Manager

    (The professional bit): Providing full-time Project Management in the form of support for a number of existing clients, new business projects, internal tasks and anything in between.

    (The personal bit): A few of Will’s favourite things: The latest and greatest in all things musical, visual, social, experiential, textual, consumable, festival, nonsensical, edible, drinkable, laughable and generally stimulating, engaging and enjoyable. Preferably in the London area, other locations subject to consideration. Also France, French and the French.

  • Federica Rossetti

    Federica Rossetti

    Project Manager

    (The professional bit): responsible for the project management, support and delivery of services to Panlogic’s customers.

    (The personal bit): A few of Federica’s favourite things: travelling, good weather, good coffee, spending time with her family and friends in Italy.

  • Sam Gormley

    Sam Gormley

    Project Manager

    (The professional bit): Support and delivery of services for Panlogic customers. Ongoing project management for a number of clients across new and exciting technologies.

    (The personal bit): A few of Sam’s favourite things: live music, photography, exploring new places and the English south coast!

  • Audrius Bukauskas

    Audrius Bukauskas

    Software Developer, Drupal Specialist

    (The professional bit): Audrius is responsible for delivering highest quality Drupal solutions, both front-end and back-end. He also manages Web servers to run Drupal in most efficient way.

    (The personal bit): a few of Audrius's favorite things: eating, sleeping, reading good books, good coffee, pets (especially dogs), latest tech news, PC gaming, good weather.

  • Alexander Gailey-White

    Alexander Gailey-White

    Software Developer, WordPress Specialist

    (The professional bit): Specialises on front and back-end development of our WordPress projects, and also assisting with maintenance and support for Drupal projects, and client infrastructure.

    (The personal bit): a few of Alex's favorite things; scuba diving, cycling, discovering unique movies and music, eating exotic food, learning Spanish, travelling the world.

  • Judy Zussman

    Judy Zussman

    Office Manager

    (The professional bit): As part-time Office Manager Judy picks up all the stuff to keep the ship afloat. This ranges from buying the weekly fruit to office relocation and inbetween she is PA to the MD; manages recruitment, premises, personnel matters; provides assistance with accounts/credit control and arranges social events.

    (The personal bit): A few of Judy's favourite things: sunshine, snow, sandy beaches, French Alps, Greek Islands, cold white wine, team spirit, spontaneity, freedom, peace of mind.

  • Mandy Alington

    Mandy Alington


    (The professional bit): Mandy is a qualified accountant who runs the finance department and assists the management team in making strategic decisions.

    (The personal bit): A few of Mandy's favourite things: Having cups of tea brought to me in bed, Neals Yard aromatherapy bubble bath, Summer evenings, Pimms, and Seafood.

  • Geoff Young

    Geoff Young

    Senior Technical Project Manager

    (The professional bit): Experienced and respected project manager, researcher and multi-disciplined consultant with a strong heritage in the information technology industry spanning thirty years. Demonstrated accomplishments and experience in delivering value for money, high quality outcomes and excellent levels of customer satisfaction. Flexible and adaptable. Experience in private, public and 3rd sector engagements.

    (The personal bit): Sharing a beer or a coffee, music, a relaxing bath with potions and lotions, attempting to play my guitar, researching family history and learning about life then and now, being born in North Devon, living in Olney, North Bucks, friends and family.

  • David Wright

    David Wright

    Head of Technical Development

    (The professional bit): David leads the development team. By managing the technical bits such as coding and testing solutions, he ensures clients' needs are met. He also provides IT solutions internally at the office.

    (The personal bit): A few of David's favourite things: Coffee, F1, Motorbikes and finding random 'trackables' in containers in fields using millions of pounds worth of satellites and an iPhone, otherwise known as Geocaching!

  • Geoff Young

    Geoff Young

    Associate Enterprise Architect

    (The professional bit): Geoff is a highly experienced consulting Enterprise Architect with extensive Strategy, Transformation and Architecture function establishment and development experience. This broad experience in all aspects of an Enterprise Architecture practice ensures a balanced approach to digital transformation and innovation..

    (The personal bit): Away from the office Geoff loves country pursuits, fine dining in and around his home villages, walking Flynn his Irish Wolfhound through the woods and countryside of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and the odd day fly fishing for Rainbow Trout”

  • Adrian King

    Adrian King

    Strategy and Business Development

    (The professional bit): A strategy and business development consultant with 30 years international and technology experience. I have worked across a wide range of sectors and 70 companies worldwide. My principal consulting interests are the development of new businesses and process change within mature organisations and building partnerships with new technology companies.

    (The personal bit): Cricket and rugby where I migrated from playing to coaching, Visiting Researcher at Imperial College, Mountain walking and theatre, working with a charity for the long term unemployed but mainly enjoying bringing up my three children.

  • Alex Langley

    Alex Langley

    Associate Digital Consultant

    (The professional bit): A digital consultant, business analyst and senior interim manager with a particular interest in user experience. Alex Langley has conceived, designed, managed and driven delivery of online strategy for a diverse range of start-ups, medium sized companies and public sector organisations.

    (The personal bit): Alex likes, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Café fry-ups with the family, a quiet Friday in my Brighton office, camping in a woodland glade, cooking and making a mess in the kitchen, probably in that order.

  • Tim Tucker

    Tim Tucker

    Associate User Experience Designer and Content Strategist

    (The professional bit): Tim works with stakeholders, designers and developers to ensure that the end product meets users' needs. He helps to define user personas, scenarios, user journeys, information architecture, content strategy... and that's just for starters.

    (The personal bit): Tim likes listening to his children's theories, organising music into playlists, long tennis matches, oolong tea and anything made by Apple.

  • David Taylor

    David Taylor

    Associate IOT and Digital Consultant

    (The professional bit):David led the commercial development and launch of IOT programmes for smart home, connected car and smart metering. He is a customer and commercially focussed leader, and has substantial experience of working at Board level with large and small companies in the Mobile Telecoms, Retail, Financial Services and Public sectors .

    (The personal bit): A few of David’s favourite things: cycling on road and off, sailing in fair weather, walking in the mountains, new adventures with my family, chatting about anything and everything over coffee or a beer.

  • Bruce Waskett

    Bruce Waskett

    Associate Digital Consultant

    (The professional bit): Digital media consultant with over thirteen years online experience. Bruce specialises in the integration of digital strategy & innovation into overall campaign thinking and production. Bruce has a user experience focus and is adept at managing and improving digital teams and agency processes.

    (The personal bit): Living by the sea in sunny Brighton or Down Under. Old Pubs and nice beer gardens. Aussie Rules footie, proper football, rugby and cricket. History type stuff and basically discovering what things once were. Knowing that whatever we are doing right now in the digital world will all change tomorrow.

  • Jason DaPonte

    Jason DaPonte

    Associate Digital Consultant

    (The professional bit): Jason DaPonte has over 15 years experience working with media and technology.  He founded THE SWARM – a digital creative company – after leaving the BBC where he held a number of senior digital roles. He is a board advisor to both Ravensboure College, Sunday Drive, and Endz2Endz.

    (The personal bit): Jason was born in America and has lived in London for over 10 years. When he’s not at the PC he can be found tending his urban roof garden or working on community projects in Brixton, his neighbourhood.

  • John Onion

    John Onion

    Associate SEM Developer Specialising in Search PPC

    (The professional bit): John is an experienced digital marketer and search engine enthusiast and heads a small team specialising in PPC search, Facebook ads and online display. Eager to ensure relevant clicks for his clients, John works closely with clients as well as being very hands-on to ensure effective campaign delivery.

    (The personal bit): A few of John’s favourite things: Socialising with good friends, summer camping and sunny mountain walks with his wife Ula, some 5-a-side football, Soccer (Pro-Evo on the x-Box), swimming and Saturday mornings.

  • Laith Clark

    Laith Clark

    Associate Digital Planner

    (The professional bit): Applies logic and clarity built on understanding customer experience and data working with clients on digital communications planning, an email and mobile specialist.

    (The personal bit): Lives in the country, likes walking the dog and riding his Harley (on dry, sunny days only!)

  • Dwain Thomas

    Dwain Thomas

    Associate Senior Consultant

    (The professional bit): Dwain has worked with some of the leading financial service and professional service organisations on delivering cutting edge digital marketing strategies. Creating a unique blend of digital marketing, marketing analytics and media management consulting and outsourcing provides the most flexible, scalable, effective way to reach customers, serve them, and maintain their loyalty.

    (The personal bit): Dwain began his career in advertising in the United States, working for BBDO in Atlanta on a number of major accounts including Delta Air Lines and Wachovia Bank. Over the next twenty years he gained wide experience on all aspects of marketing communications for major brands.

  • Steph Gray

    Steph Gray

    Associate Digital Engagement Advisor, Developer and Trainer

    (The professional bit): Formerly Head of Digital at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Steph now runs his own consultancy helping public and private sector clients use digital and social media smartly (and often on tight budgets). Steph’s experience includes digital agency Reading Room, the Central Office of Information and Ipsos-MORI.

    (The personal bit): Fiddling with lots of things (Steph’s been called ‘a bit of a digital swiss army knife’), running UKGovcamp and other community events for public sector digital folk, enjoying unfashionable music on Spotify, cleaning up after and generally being bossed around by two small boys.

  • Barry Holloway

    Barry Holloway

    Associate Digital Consultant

    (The professional bit): As former marketing director of uSwitch and eHarmony I bring a wealth of experience in building successful digital businesses. I’ve been consulting since 2010 on a wide range of projects, including strategic development for established digital businesses, marketing strategy planning & implementation for start-ups and identifying new growth opportunities in overseas markets.

    (The personal bit): As a member of a swing band, Sugar Foot Stomp, I play gigs regularly in the UK and Europe. The highlight in 2011 was headlining at the mayors ball in Antwerp to a crowd of 6,000. I’m a green belt kickboxer, keen tennis player and skier.

  • David Smith

    David Smith

    Associate Web / Mobile Developer / Technologist

    (The professional bit): David is passionate about technology and using it in the most appropriate way to design, build and deploy the right solutions for business, a back end coder with experience in multiple languages, SQL and NoSQL databases.

    (The personal bit): Family, technology and triathlon are my passions, pretty much in that order, I love technology and what it can do and spend most of my non-work time on my computer or with my family.

  • Karen Rawlins

    Karen Rawlins

    Associate Business Consultant

    (The professional bit): Karen Rawlins is a highly experienced business consultant with a track record of success in Commerce and Government – her skills and experience encompass change management, usability assessment, requirements management, management development, coaching and stakeholder management. She is also highly experienced in writing user guides and manuals and conducting training sessions.

    (The personal bit): I love entertaining as well vistiting restaurants and the theatre. I am a keen walker and often spend weekends walking with friends and my family by the River, in the Royal Parks and local Commons. I practice Yoga, go to the gym and am an avid reader.

  • Matt Bee

    Matt Bee

    Associate Front End Developer/Consultant

    (The professional bit): Matt is a passionate front end developer, specialising in HTML and CSS with a good helping of JavaScript. A background that includes experience in interface design and back end development adds to a good understanding of the building blocks of any website.

    (The personal bit): Matt spends most his spare time at his computer as well as his working day, but when he does get away he works on his classic mini, competes in vintage car motor sport, is a cyclist and triathlete as well as running a Sunday football team.

  • Paul Clarke

    Paul Clarke

    Associate Digital Strategist

    (The professional bit): Paul is experienced in advising public and private sector organisations at their highest levels on the effective use of digital channels and technologies. He has shaped digital propositions between state and citizen, and advised a FTSE 100 company on establishment of a developer platform.

    (The personal bit): Paul is a recognised expert in the provision of public services through online channels. He also has personal interests in online identity, privacy, security and the changing relationship between society and technology, on which he actively blogs. He also works professionally as a photographer.

  • Susi O'Neill

    Susi O'Neill

    Associate Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

    (The professional bit): Susi has worked in digital marketing and content strategy roles since 2000, working in media, the arts, pharmaceutical, education and non-profit sectors for clients including Pfizer and the British Council. She specialises in developing measurable business strategies combining data insight with people engagement, working with online content, social media and integrating e-marketing channels.

    (The personal bit): Susi is a classically trained musician and is currently one of the UK’s leading players of the theremin, the world’s first electronic musical instrument. She also performs in a music comedy and cabaret duo. See her play at Glastonbury and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has a penchant for fine cakes (taken in the afternoon, with tea).

  • Sumith Damodaran

    Sumith Damodaran

    Associate Consultant

    (The professional bit): Sumith is a Leading .net consultant, Have lots of experience on banking software projects with clients like HBOS, Barclays, Capital one. Expert in with CMS systems and have extensively implemented around 15 -20 different sitecore solutions.

    (The personal bit): Spends time reading, he loves his gadgets and is mostly on his computer or tablet. His hobby is photography, if ever is away from his computer you can find him shooting pictures of anything and everything.

  • Bertie Bosrédon

    Bertie Bosrédon

    Associate Engagement and Social Media

    (The professional bit): Bertie has over 16 years experience in digital communications (and an indelible French accent). He set up British Heart Foundation's first online team before joining Breast Cancer Care to implement innovative online tools and an influential social media strategy. He helps not-for-profit, healthcare, and government organisations with their digital projects.

    (The personal bit): Bertie moved to London at the end of the 90s “for the weather... and the food”. He's a photographer; he met Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Blur and many other artists (he still regrets refusing a dinner with Pulp). Bertie presents Just Like Honey a monthly indie podcast as well as a charity podcast for The Guardian.

  • David Bushell

    David Bushell

    Associate PPC, Conversion & Analytics Consultant

    (The professional bit): David specialises in all things paid search, including Adwords, Facebook and online display advertising. Analytics,website optimisation and old fashioned spreadsheets play a large part in his work as he proactively looks for ways to increase conversion rate, lower cost-per-click and improve his clients’ overall paid search ROI.

    (The personal bit): David probably spends too much time tinkering with his fantasy football team, playing PS3 and watching TV. In between these rigorous activities, he likes to enjoy the outdoors, do some occasional exercise and visit old fashioned pubs.

  • Jonathan Hirsch

    Jonathan Hirsch

    Associate User Experience Architect / Consultant

    (The professional bit): Jon has worked in the interactive media sector since 1995. His core specialism is what is now termed User Experience Architecture, but this extends outwards to strategic consultancy, business requirements analysis, content strategy and project direction. He helps commissioners identify their requirements and objectives; he helps suppliers understand them; and he helps specialists deliver them.

    (The personal bit): In his spare time, Jon is busy bringing to market an electric guitar he designed (www.hirsch-guitar.com) and playing in a band in and around his hometown of Brighton.

  • Emily Amos

    Emily Amos

    Associate Web Content Strategist & Writer

    (The professional bit): Emily helps companies generate more online sales and new leads through a combination of proven strategies, knowledgeable advice and web content that drives business. Whether it be web content strategy, audits, copywriting or web writing workshops, Emily lives and breathes web content – and gets results for her clients every day.

    (The personal bit): As a former globetrotter and proud Canadian, Emily enjoys telling her foreign friends that her hobbies include playing ice hockey, eating maple syrup and perfecting her moose call. In reality, she spends her free time chasing two little kids and a big dog around the house.

  • Vicky Burke

    Vicky Burke

    Associate Digital Consultant

    (The professional bit): Whether it’s developing propositions, mapping user journeys, designing IAs, defining content strategies or just writing copy - Vicky is all about the end customer. She works with big name clients to develop or re-vamp their digital channels in order to improve customer experience.

    (The personal bit): A few of Vicky’s favourite things: Eating out, walking in the sunshine, gardening, NZ Sauvignon Blancs, singing, Italy, bacon sandwiches, working out in 40˚C heat – Bikram yoga, speaking French when drunk.

  • Greg Jarrett

    Greg Jarrett

    Associate Mobile App Consultant / Interim Manager

    (The professional bit): Greg brings a wealth of experience in terms of product, delivery and operational skills having set-up a number of digital agency businesses. He is a hands-on manager with a passion for mobile, he has a background in creative design and a strong understanding of UX and technology.

    (The personal bit): He has a passion for snowboarding, travel and new experiences. A recent convert to the art of triathlon means his beer consumption is at levels not seen since the 1980s. He has plans to remedy this situation in November. He loves working with people more than machines.

  • Laura Pascoli

    Laura Pascoli

    Associate Digital Programme Manager

    (The professional bit): Laura has worked in digital production and technology for over 10 years and is specialised in digital project direction, digital project management training, process implementation and risk analysis for complex web and application builds. Laura's experience spans, financial, legal, not for profit, luxury consumer goods, FMCG, pharmaceutical, electronics and airline sectors.

    (The personal bit): I love long weekends and holidays with my family and friends in London, Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds, the West Country, Rhone-Alpes, Cote d'Azur, Amsterdam, Umbria and Tuscany.

  • Jeremy Gladwin

    Jeremy Gladwin

    Associate Web Consultant

    (The professional bit): Jeremy is a Web Consultant with over 15 years experience in helping private and public sector organisations to improve and develop their web presence. Jeremy is also a seasoned ColdFusion developer with a particular interest in Web Services.

    (The personal bit): Jeremy loves travelling, citing Barbados and New York as his favourite destinations. He enjoys playing squash (at a semi decent level) and watching Doctor Who.

  • Ian Haynes

    Ian Haynes

    Associate Front End / Back End Web Developer

    (The professional bit): Have been working with the web since 1999. With the rapid expansion of mobile devices, a keen proponent of ‘responsive web design’ using HTML5. CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. Back end work is with ASP.Net and SQL Server.

    (The personal bit):Enjoys photography, travelling, gardening, music, being with family and friends.

  • Rebecca Milligan

    Rebecca Milligan

    Associate Copywriter

    (The professional bit): Rebecca is an experienced media professional who has written across a variety of platforms for TV, film and online. She can create both written and audio/visual content in a variety of tones and genres to fit any house style or marketing brief.

    (The personal bit):Writing is both a profession and a passion for Rebecca. She has recently had two plays in production on the London Fringe and is working on a novel. Family takes up much of her time, but any that is left is spent on films, theatre, art galleries and with friends.

  • David Porter

    David Porter

    Associate Digital Security and Risk Consultant

    (The professional bit): David is a security and risk expert who has worked for a wide variety of commercial and government clients. In the digital domain his focus is on information security, business continuity and fraud detection. He is also an accomplished trainer, writer, presenter and media commentator on cyber and physical security.

    (The personal bit): When he is not travelling, relaxing or keeping fit, David spends much of his time maintaining and escorting tourists around his home, a nineteenth century Sussex landmark on the South Downs near Brighton.

  • Alec Tritton

    Alec Tritton

    Associate Front End Web Developer

    (The professional bit): Expert in finding solutions, design and maintenance of CMS using Joomla and Wordpress. Other skills include photoshop, html, html5 and reading/modifying php, ajax and javascript. Can design for accessibility.

    (The personal bit): Formally the technical director of an electronics company (sold in 2002) I am a licensed Florida realtor. My hobby and passion is genealogy in which I regularly lecture and have lectured on cruises and internationally.

  • Paul Goodwin

    Paul Goodwin

    Associate Umbraco & Immediacy CMS Specialist

    (The professional bit): A business focussed technical specialist, with a focus on Umbraco and Immediacy CMS

    (The personal bit): Skiing, Sailing, meeting up with friends. What more is there...

  • Martin Stoll

    Martin Stoll

    Associate Market Research Consultant

    (The professional bit): A highly experienced professional market researcher, Martin has conducted and managed research around the world, working for all kinds of clients from start-ups to multinationals. Martin is equally at home with qualitative and quantitative projects and has wide experience of researching new product development in the technology sector.

    (The personal bit): Music is a passion – I sing in two choirs, play violin and have recently started strumming ukulele. At home, I enjoy cooking and exploring new cuisines. Out and about, I love walking, most recently along the Thames Path. I have also taken up jogging with the aim of running a 5k for Malaika Kids UK, a charity I am actively involved with.

  • Jimmy Leach

    Jimmy Leach

    Associate Digital Communications

    (The professional bit): Former head of digital for two Prime Ministers and two Foreign Secretaries, as well as senior roles for two newspapers (Guardian and Independent). Now performs similar roles for other governments and for a variety of organisations - in government and governance; in publishing, education, communications and consultancy where he specialises in helping companies become digital-first and audience-led.

    (The personal bit): Most often found settling arguments between his three children, Jimmy would like to spend more time wobbling uncertainly on his bike, or listening to his comically dated music collection while wading through the huge collection of shoddy wine his wife has amassed.

  • Tracy Green

    Tracy Green

    Associate Digital Consultant

    (The professional bit): Tracy is an experienced digital leader, strategist, and champion for digital democracy. Most recently, in the Parliamentary Digital Service delivering a strategy for a digital by default Parliament. Previously, reshaping diplomacy for the digital age. Now looking to help organisations use technology effectively to meet business goals and user needs.

    (The personal bit): I love being creative with technology and regularly blog, build websites and apps and attend hackathons and other tech events. I’m a real geek at heart. When not doing those things you will find me at home with my two cats and two daughters, usually out in the garden.

  • Peter Pedersen

    Peter Pedersen

    Associate Consultant CTO/CIO

    (The professional bit): CIO technology advisor, specialising in Quality Assurance, Security, Strategy, Transformation and Roadmaps. Created C4’s interactive technology. Was in charge of online gaming technology and transformed Rank Group to a 100% gaming group with Mecca and Grosvenor Casinos through de-merger of Hard Rock, Deluxe. At fashion retailer Figleaves.com, he scaled technology.

    (The personal bit): Collecting and restoring original paintings, and is a frequent visitor to art sale rooms. Actively involved in defining standards for UK IT education & training through his work with The Tech Partnership (formerly e-Skills UK - government sector council). Also been actively involved with homeless charity DePaul Trust.

  • Jonathan Waldheim

    Jonathan Waldheim

    Associate Web Content Design Consultant

    (The professional bit): Jonathan designs succinct content with users in mind. Approachable and creative, he shapes content for each project and is experienced working on websites, government services and mobile applications.

    (The personal bit): Jonathan enjoys running, playing football and going for long hikes in the many national parks across the UK. When he’s not on his feet he can usually be found eating Thai food and enjoying a cold craft beer.

  • Alil Halilov

    Alil Halilov

    Associate Developer

    (The professional bit): Alil is a passionate Java, .Net and Android developer. He has a solid background that includes experience in Core Java, JEE, EJB, Hibernate, C#.Net, ASP.Net, SQL. and some experience with HTML, CSS.

    (The personal bit): Alil balances his spare time between his computer and family. He loves walking, reading and online pc gaming.

  • Claire Rowland

    Claire Rowland

    Associate Product / UX strategy / IoT consultant

    (The professional bit): Claire specializes in product and UX strategy, design management and UX research. She has deep knowledge of the design, technology and business issues in working with services combining software and connected, embedded hardware. She is the lead author of Designing Connected Products: UX for the Consumer Internet of Things (O’Reilly).

  • Nina Lovelace

    Nina Lovelace

    Associate Product/Service Design Consultant

    (The professional bit): Nina works with organisations to help them to develop digital businesses, services or products that audiences need and want, and that deliver revenues and/or savings. She has worked for major media (Guardian, News UK, Which?) as well as agencies working with public sector/ third sector.

    (The personal bit): Nina runs a digital networking group called 10 Digital Ladies, that supports and inspires women in digital careers. She is also a keen songwriter and musician, and regularly plays at events throughout London and beyond.

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