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For the last 20 years we've transformed international bodies, government agencies, not for profit organisations and private sector businesses.

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GaaS - Guidance as a Service
Download our white paper describing what GaaS is and why leading organisations are embracing GaaS to maintain a standardised set of guidance that provides consistency and security.

UK fire and rescue services

Panlogic has led the redevelopment of the uk fire and rescue services (UKFRS) move from over 9,000 static operational guidance documents to a fully dynamic guidance platform. The ORIGINS content managed platform delivers significant benefits to our emergency services by linking incident-led learnings to updated guidelines and ensuring self-auditing of compliance across the UK fire and rescue estate. See the new UKFRS platform for yourself.


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“We provide digital definition to your business requirements by aligning your strategic needs with a plan and process. We call our work Digital Engineering"

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Design & Build

From website build to application development, Panlogic has been behind the UK’s digital transformation since 1999.

“The website has gone down an absolute storm today. You and team should be really proud.” Government client

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Managed Services

It’s all about your peace of mind. We take all your disparate systems, databases, applications, channels and platforms and bring them all together, providing world class, Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed Hosting and Support and Maintenance (S&M) solutions, as well as Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) services.

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Latest News

  • An Introduction to Behavioural Economics, Government and Digital Media, The Full Monty

    An academic study into the thinking behind and practice of Behavioural Economics. Learn about nudging, choice architecture and default positions as it relates to digital engagement.

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  • Blue-sky thinking on how Government can use digital to cut cost, and improve front-line services.

    As the Government looks to slash departmental budgets how can digital media provide an improved level of citizen and business services? Panlogic provides analysis and thought-provoking initiatives.

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  • Government changes are good for digital agencies

    The Cabinet Office review of communication resulted in a host of changes to government procurement of communication services. William Makower (MD) analyses the impact of these changes.

  • Are you fitting in with the ecookie directive? This is how we are..

    The Government has announced it will abide by the EU ecookie directive. How does this affect you and what steps should you take?

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Currently recruiting Drupal 8 developers.

We are always on the lookout for outstanding, creative, innovative and refreshing individuals across the board (both on permanent and freelance contracts), so if you feel you have something to offer us, then please drop us a mail with your CV.

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