The future of wealth

The UK’s financial landscape is changing, and nowhere has it seen more reform than in personal finance and pensions. Yet as market uncertainty continues, so does demand for services. Here are Panlogic’s thoughts and approach to the rapidly evolving sector




Westminster Kingsway / City and Islington Colleges

Following the merger of these two colleges, Panlogic will be re-developing their online systems to deliver a single entry point for learners and businesses seeking employee training.


WeProtect / Home Office

Panlogic is appointed to re-develop and extend the global WeProtect website in WordPress in line with GDS’ service standard,  This major initiative seeks to reduce child sexual exploitation around the world.


National Operational Guidance Programme (NOGP)

Panlogic will be working with NOGP and the UK’s 50 fire and rescue services to redevelop the way national operational guidance is stored, viewed and accessed; supporting both on and offline handheld availability. Development will be in Drupal and other platforms.


Association of Tax Technicians

Delighted to be working with the ATT on a Discovery piece; identifying an improved user experience by running workshops and developing interactive wireframes. Next we will be developing a new design and Drupal templates.


London Councils

Panlogic have been appointed to carry out a migration of London Councils’ intranet from a legacy CMS to a new Drupal solution. Both parties look to provide improved ease-of-use and harness Drupal’s flexibility and functionality for the benefit of internal staff.



The new Workers’ Educational Association website launches. Built in Drupal 8 this site replaces nine regional sites, has improved UX and search capability and will be extended further over the coming months.




Panlogic has provided a team of content strategists to the Skills Funding Agency as part of its contingent labour practice. The team has been developing content for Employer Routed Funding.


The New Digital Strategy: Smarter Public Services

Panlogic sponsors Open Forum’s leading public sector event exploring how technology will deliver a truly 21st century state with smarter, nimbler, more responsive and more accessible public services. Please be in touch if you wish to apply for a free ticket.


Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)

Supporting citizens make the right travel choices is key for OCC meeting its sustainability agenda. Using Drupal as the content engine, we will be designing an information hub in Drupal to deliver OCC’s that provides information and travel advice to Oxfordshire’s resident and visitors.

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